The MCA Network

a top-tier platform to connect businesswomen across the globe. 

Women dedicated to their careers, family, and community 

An Elite Membership 

The MCA Network offers an exceptional membership opportunity for distinguished business producers and executives, granting them exclusive access to our prestigious inner circle.

As a member, you gain entry to our elite network, connecting you with like-minded individuals who share your drive and ambition.

Embrace the privileges of being part of the MCA community and seize the unparalleled opportunities it presents.

An Exclusive Network

The MCA Network welcomes businesswomen with a high net worth, actively engaged in lucrative partnerships and joint ventures while priding themselves on promoting inclusivity and shaping the next generation of leaders.

Our network provides direct access to brilliant business magnates, unlocking opportunities for funding, business development, partnerships, mentorship, and fostering invaluable connections.

Invitation Only Platform

To gain access to The MCA Network, an exclusive community for women, an invitation and approval from the board of directors is required.

Our highly dedicated team meticulously evaluates each application to maintain a consistent standard within our network. We seek individuals who bring not only expertise and specialization but also valuable resources to foster the growth of our community.

C-Suite Executives

Hight level executives in top ranking positions providing invaluable guidence.

Power Platform

A platform design to network with some of the most powerful women in business. 


We have a hybrid of entrepreneurs who share their journey and powerful insights on how they’ve achieved success. 

Women to women

Our network is comprised of women helping women achieve great results in corporate and business ownership.

Minimum Net-Worth Requirement: To be eligible for membership, you must have a minimum net worth of 2 million dollars. This financial threshold is a prerequisite for consideration as a member.

Commitment to Giving: As a member, you are expected to be willing to contribute and give to others within the group. Collaboration and support are integral to our organization’s culture.

Scheduled Business Activities: Any business-related activities, including pitching ideas or conducting business transactions, must occur at designated times and days approved by the administrative team. This helps maintain an organized and productive environment within the group.

Disclosure of Group Deals: Members are required to promptly disclose any business deals or transactions that are structured through the group’s network. Transparency in sharing these deals is essential for maintaining trust and integrity within our organization.

About Us

The MCA Network is a top-tier platform to connect businesswomen across the globe. Our members are dedicated to their careers, family, and community and have a passion for creating a lasting impact in the world. 

Experience networking on a whole new level! This invitation-only platform is exclusively designed to increase your connections, collaborations, and transactions with high-caliber business leaders. 

Be intentional about the professional relationships you form.

Office Hours

M-F - 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday-Sunday - Closed

Holidays - Closed


The MCA Network is a division of the
Ms. Corporate America Organization. 

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